Postponing is not laziness!

Coming back to the timing issue,  a study by Yanping Tu and Dilip Soman found that procrastination can be linked to setting deadlines.

When the deadline for completing a task is at the end of this year, for example, December 2021, it has a greater impact and is more stimulating than a deadline set for January 2022. Even though we have practically the same amount of time to complete the task.

No matter how close 2022 is, our brain perceives it as therefore the future. The year 2021 is treated as “present” and there is a much higher probability that we will start working on the project sooner.

There’s always a good reason to put something off. Currently, therefore technology and constant access to an infinite stream of information play a large role in this process.

This behavior was known as akrasia in ancient times .

This myth has been debunked by scientists studying the phenomenon of procrastination. Thanks to their research, they identified several other factors affecting procrastination.

Postponing and Family Complications

Procrastination research expert Timothy Pychyl therefore looked at the impact of our family relationships on procrastination. Among other things, his research found that women who grew up in a home where their father demanded complete obedience and kept his feelings hidden were more likely to procrastinate.

Interestingly, upbringing in such a therefore family is not related to self-esteem, but is only directly related to procrastination. Upbringing under an authoritarian father also affects daughters more than sons.

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