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There has been a long-standing debate about whether phones listen for ads or not. The idea is that phones use the microphone to listen in on conversations, and then use that information to target ads to users. While many people believe this to be true, the evidence suggests otherwise. Firstly, it is important to understand how targeted ads work. Advertisers use a variety of methods to target users, including browsing history, search history, location data, and other information collected by the phone.

It would be extremely difficult

This information is then used to create a profile of the user, which is used to display ads that are relevant to their interests. While it is possible that phones could use Azerbaijan Mobile Number List the microphone to listen in on conversations, it is highly unlikely. For one thing, it would require an enormous amount of processing power. To analyze every conversation that takes place near the phone. Additionally, it would be extremely difficult. To distinguish between different sounds in a conversation. And to identify the relevant information that could be used for ad targeting. Furthermore, companies such as apple and google have publicly denied. That they listen to users’ conversations for ad targeting purposes.

They might see an ad for that product

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Apple has stated that they do not use Siri voice recordings for targeted advertising, and Google has stated that they do not use Google Assistant recordings for ad targeting either. It is worth noting that there have been a IG Users few instances Where users have reported seeing ads that seem. To be related to conversations they had near their phone. However, in most of these cases. It is likely that the ad was already targeted. To the user based on other information collected by the phone. For example, if a user searched for a product on their phone. And then had a conversation about the same product. They might see an ad for that product shortly afterwards. This is not because the phone listened in on the conversation. But because the ad was already targeted to the user based on their search history.

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