David went on a scouting trip to the Couvent des Jacobins to imagine the best layout for the different individual spaces. Audit area Inbound Marketing France David and Laura scouting places at the Couvent des Jacobins With or without an appointment, we leave the choice to you! Take advantage of the coffee break or the lunch break to come and meet us.  “For this 2020 edition, we also wanted to give a voice to marketing professionals who, on a daily basis, implement original strategies adapted to their sector of activity. This is what the Prize for the best inbound marketing strategy responds.

The jury for this Prize was formed by Anne

Which is an integral part of the program for this 2020 edition.” Michel Brébion – CEO Winbound In September, the jury Saudi Arabia Phone Number List for this Prize was formed by Anne, responsible for organizing the prize. Its goal ? Constitute a jury that is equal and complementary in terms of expertise! Fanny Bourdon-Bart , CEO – Meraky Michel Brébion. CEO – Winbound Nathalie d’Isanto. Director of advertising mail – La Poste Olivier Meril .President – ​​MV Group Fanja Sancéau . Inbound Marketing Project Manager – Winbound Stéphane Truphème. Founder & CEO – Captain Marketing jury Prize .The best strategy 2020 On Thursday January 16. the jury for the Best Inbound Marketing Strategy. Award met to listen to the 7 candidates selected to pitch. Organic Expertise Alliance.

Their strategy Throughout the day

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CNIEL Delta Dore Digitaleo. Guest Suite Natural Origins Teralta. CR H Group candidates for the best strategy pitch Digitaleo.Delta Dore and Alliance Bio Expertise are preparing. To pitch their IG Users strategy Throughout the day. The jury was able to salute the quality of the presentations and strategies. The opportunity to emphasize that inbound marketing is a philosophy. Accessible to all. With large budgets or few means, anything is possible.To find out the verdict, meet on January 28 at Inbound Marketing France.This is what the Prize for the best inbound marketing strategy responds.To make a One to One appointment. Go here The prize is being.