If you are using an automated messaging service, it is possible that people have reported your number as spam because they feel that the messages are not personalized and are coming from a machine. This includes obtaining permission from recipients before sending messages and providing an easy way for them to opt-out of future messages.

If you are using a shared phone number

Many email and messaging services have spam filters. That automatically detect and filter out messages.  These filters use a variety of criteria to determine whether. A message is spam, such as the content of the Uganda Mobile Number List message. The sender’s email address or phone number. And the recipient’s history with the sender. If a recipient of your messages or calls reports your number as spam. This can happen even if you are not intentionally sending spam messages or making unsolicited calls. If you are using a shared phone number, consider getting a dedicated phone number for your personal or business use. If you receive a complaint about your messages or calls, take it seriously and take steps to address the issue.

To avoid having your phone number listed as spam

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Phishing calls are designed to trick recipients into IG Users giving out personal information.  To sell fraudulent products or services. This can happen if you are using a recycled phone number or if you have recently changed your phone number. There are several things you can do .Avoid making unsolicited calls or sending spam messages. This includes telemarketing calls, robocalls, and spam calls. Use reputable messaging and email services that have robust anti-spam filters in place. It is possible that they have reported your number as spam. Unsolicited messages can be annoying and intrusive.  This could have happened if you’ve sent messages to people who did not opt-in to receiving communication from you.  behavior could also include using your phone number to conduct scams or fraudulent activities.