Answer is simple. Have concrete goals rather than vague and directionless ideals. That’s how the whole team is aware of the plans and where they want to go with each action. Knowing which indicators to pay attention to, the development of strategies and the execution of the plan in general, whether it is a front that gives results or should be modified. This is how a successful plan is identified. It is through planning that accurate decisions are made based on data analysis, optimizing investments and maximizing profits. Due to its high degree of importance, below we will see the steps on how to create a digital marketing plan from scratch. Self analysis The beginning of the planning is done from the analysis of the company itself. Understand the reality of the business and establish its values.

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Align the strategic marketing plan with the business plan. One measure that can be taken to intensify self-analysis is the SWOT Analysis. It allows describing the strengths and weaknesses of the organization, as well as Germany Phone Number Data the opportunities and threats of the environment. Internal positive factor: Strengths; External positive factor: opportunities; Internal negative factor: weaknesses; External negative factor: threats. Source Environment analysis There are two types of environment to be taken into account in this analysis: the macroenvironment and the microenvironment . By macroenvironment we mean society in general, the context in which the company operates. It is an analysis based on demography, economic, cultural, political and social environments.

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To the company’s niche. As for the microenvironment , we can analyze existing competitors and those that may become a threat to products and services, as well as the relationship with customers and suppliers. It is the analysis of the main actors in the company’s environment. When it comes to competitors , this topic deserves attention. It is through its analysis EC Lists that it is possible to identify. How the communication with the public is and how it is reached. It also allows you to analyze the return obtained. Search for insights, trends in the segment and other products and services offered. Determining your audience and persona To define the target audience, you need to divide the market into groups with common characteristics and check which ones are served by your business.