Which will allow you to be referenced more easily

Then, put in place a content strategy with a different approach from your competitors, which will allow you to stand out. Every business needs a different strategy, and simply duplicating content from your competitors won’t help. 2. Structure your personal profile Your personal LinkedIn profile plays an essential role in creating new contacts and arousing the curiosity of your target. So you can’t take risks by neglecting the essentials: Use a professional profile picture , highlighting your professionalism.

That you can be contacted easily

Write your profile title and your summary to answer the main problem of your prospects. Include keywords around your business in your summary, which will allow you to be referenced more easily. Indicate the URL of your whatsapp mobile number list website , your telephone number, your e-mail address. So that you can be contacted easily. Collect written recommendations , they reassure your prospects about your results. Develop as many sections as possible in your profile: experiences, volunteering, certifications, training. LinkedIn don’t be sales centric 3. Don’t be sales-centric.

The promotion of your business

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The main reason for a business to exist on a social network is to promote its products and IG Users services, but the key to success is not to advertise them directly. Contradictory, right? Filling or overloading your page with sales-centric posts is a surefire way to drive traffic away. Try to keep the 80/20 rule in mind . 80% of the content you publish is educational or provides solutions to your target audience and 20% for the promotion of your business. The key is to keep the balance right. The more engaging posts you post, the more members will stick with your profile/business page. And above all, your B2B marketing strategy will be more successful. 4. The algorithm and the type of content to publish LinkedIn’s algorithm ensures that when you post, only about 4% of your followers see your posts.

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