To animate your communities, you can also discuss conversational marketing with Simon Robic of iAdvize. Take advantage of feedback to be a top manager Are you in a context of internationalization of your team? You’ll be in the right place for advice on how to manage your team: Wade Foster, the CEO of Zapier, has based his company on employees who work remotely. He will be our guest of honor and will share with you his fascinating experience of “remote work” Inken Kuhlmann-Rhinow, Marketing Director EMEA HubSpot has deployed its international marketing team in 6 regions and 5 languages. She will explain to you during her conference , how she manages her multi-cultural team.

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Take a look at the full program to make your choices, and see you at the end of January! Inbound Marketing Azerbaijan Phone Number List France 2020 is fast approaching and the program is being refined. It promises to be dense, to be rich, to be very instructive… So to best optimize your visit, you might as well prepare your day now. One of the 2020 novelties was born thanks to you! Indeed, the team has taken into account your feedback from 2019 by building courses adapted to your needs, according to the maturity of each one. So follow the guide and make your choice.

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Inbound marketing: am I going or am I not going? Is inbound marketing still a bit of a blurry concept for you? Need to understand the fundamentals? You are convinced by the digital transformation, but you IG Users wonder if it is adapted to your business? So do not miss these two conferences which will allow you to see things more clearly: “Inbound Marketing, back to the basis!” hosted by Isabelle Defay, Cindy Ronsoux and Fanja Sanceau. For this masterclass you will face 3 funny ladies, with their own experiences in inbound marketing and BtoB business. But what have they learned.