Marriage will What we like: This award is important because it recognizes reps who are always trying new strategies and committing to their relationships with customers. Best Team Award The Team Player Award is present to a sales representative who consistently helps the rest of the team. They volunteer to help train other sales reps or provide services to sales reps who are on sick leave. What we like: We love this award because it’s so important to recognize team members who are actively involv in the team. It rewards strong participation which only helps motivate reps to get involv and help each other. Team Morale Award Team morale is very important to sales. As we said above it contributes to your overall workplace culture which is critical for sales teams.

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The Team Morale Award will reward those on your team Taiwan phone numbers who bring positive energy and optimism to your office. This guy is always encouraging others to make jokes and make everyone feel welcome like they are having fun at work. What we like: This award recognizes team members who ensure you have a positive workplace culture. It’s important for your team members to have a good time at work and this team member can help make that happen. Best Customer Retention Award The Best Customer Retention Award will reward the team member with the most recurring sales.

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Their customers buy monthly and are generally loyal to IG Users  their reps. What we like: This is a great award because it recognizes team members who have develop strong relationships with prospects and customers that are critical to sales. Sprint-bas or competition-bas awards You can also implement sprint-bas or competition-bas awards. For example maybe you have a quarterly sprint and then each quarter give out rewards to the top performers during that period. Or you could have your sales team run a contest for who can sell the most during a flash sale or summer sale extravaganza.