Defend against attacks Make sure the hosting you choose is very secure. Keep in mind that bad people around the world try to spam your blog comments and emails every day, hack your website, inject malware and other misconduct, so you have to take this very seriously. No one has any personal grudge against you; bad guys just use bots to randomly attack websites.

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 And don’t think they won’t find your site, because the attacks you may not know are usually carried special data out by bots that crawl websites around the world in an automated and random way, rather than by a manual search of a website performed by a person who is searching. Backup We dont value backups unless we need to pull them, do we? My website is blank, so what should?Ah! When you plan to hire a hosting service, make sure they provide you with a daily backup no matter what happens.

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 Quality of technical support This is something we only consider when there is a problem with hosting, and this is where providers really show their quality. Hire a host that provides you with a well-referenced technical support service that can be a phone channel with good response times and resolution. Keep in mind that your  IG Users website may crash, you may be attacked, you may need to restore backups There are many reasons why you must ask support staff for help, so please do not take it lightly that ( is not ) .