Inbound Marketing What is Lead Nurturing

You can also shoot personal messages or help screenshots (100 times faster than explaining by mail .To retain your customer, video seems essential: if you work in service delivery, and your customer works with a dedicated project team, have them meet by video interposed in a simple welcome email. Shoot a few videos, in the form of mini-series (more in the next episode) to involve your customer in using your product. Obviously, if you use video as technical support, it becomes a powerful weapon.It will save you time since you will give an explanation only once and save your customer time, since he will not have to go through the 1245 pages of the user manual.

At your disposal to grow your prospects and accompany

Thanks to all these tips around the video, you will establish a human and supportive relationship with your Guatemala Phone Number List prospect or client, who will thus create a relationship of trust.In their book “ The inbound marketing and growth hacking toolbox ”, Stéphane Truphème and Philippe Gastaud give us the keys to carrying out a successful inbound marketing strategy. For each phase of the buyer’s journey, discover the methods and tools at your disposal to grow your prospects and accompany them to the end of the conversion tunnel. One of these methods is setting up lead nurturing campaigns. But what do we mean by lead nurturing and especially how to set up a strategy of this type? Synthesis. What is lead nurturing.

These leads so that they can make a purchase

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As you know, the basis of inbound is to attract your targets to your website and then convert them into leads by allowing IG Users them to download content via a form, for example. You now have a base of qualified contacts, it’s a start! The question now arises as to how to nurture these leads so that they can make a purchase. Lead nurturing is one possible answer. Indeed, in BtoB, the decision-making processes are sometimes long. A lead nurturing campaign accelerates the time spent in the awareness and decision phases. Concretely, your leads will receive quality content that will guide them through the conversion funnel.

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