These days, the economy is becoming ever more competitive. As such, the competition within the industry may make it difficult for an agency to stay fully staffed in all departments. When understaffed, making operations more efficient becomes key to keeping everything running smoothly and on deadline.

Which methods of improving efficiency are more effective than others, and which strategies can keep things running even if teams are understaffed? Below, 14 members of forbes agency council share their top tips for improving efficiency when staffing is tight.

Members of forbes agency council share tips to make operations more efficient when your team is understaffed.
Members of the forbes agency council share tips to make operations more efficient when your team is understaffed.

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Get more selective and raise prices

It’s a great thing to be able to afford to be more selective about which clients and projects you take on, whether that’s because you are in biz list demand, understaffed or a little of both. If you still have more quality work coming in than you can support, you should raise your fees. Only after you’ve gotten more selective and increased pricing should you look at staffing up. – ryan short, modassic marketing

This saves time and frustration. – korena keys, keymedia solutions.

Every single team should communicate clearly and in the same manner. Using a collaboration software with well-defined communications, file-sharing, naming and version-saving conventions is key. If one team member is out, or if someone from another team needs to step in to share the load, it must be easy to quickly get up to speed. – jacquelyn lamar, vi marketing and branding.

Create a culture of collaboration

Set your culture up to be collaborative. The more IG Users collaboration you can have the more likely staff will go above and beyond. Do this, and celebrate wins. We have found when we celebrate together and reward this type of behavior, key staff members will step up when we’re understaffed. – justin christianson, conversion fanatics.