How to streamline customer journeys in B2B

How to streamline customer journeys in B2B? Jean-David Poussin , specialist in Customer Experience and Quality of Service, gives us his advice in this interview. Could you introduce yourself? Jean-David Poussin LinkedIn Let me introduce myself, I am Jean-David Poussin , I have been working in customer relations for 20 years. I held the positions of Customer Relations Quality Advisor, then Service Manager as Proximity Manager in one of the call centers at an international management software publisher. My current focus is on the reception and dispatch of calls (with fluidity objectives between  the quality of CRM data, the management of complex administrative.

The customer directly on the first call

Operationally, my job is to listen to my team and provide them with all the necessary information and tools so that they Kuwait Phone Number List can work in the best possible conditions and provide the best quality of response. to the customer directly on the first call. When a customer has had a bad customer relationship experience, we do our best to ensure that they don’t have it a second time. It’s not always easy, because there are many internal and external constraints that can impact the customer experience. My role is therefore to help employees so that they best accomplish their mission, but also to have a more global vision to identify how to improve the Customer Experience in the company.

The natural progression of the individual

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Indeed, the Customer Experience should not be the prerogative of a service or a few people, but the objective of everyone IG Users in the company. What is a customer journey? And why is it essential to optimize it even in B2B? customer journey and customer experience The customer journey is the natural progression of the individual-customer in his relationship with the supplier in a chronology. The interactions or touchpoints appear: At the customer’s initiative, in connection with events that appeared in its context  call for support, renewal or subscription to a service, etc. but also visit to the website, reading of the blog, etc.

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