How to link your social network to your CRM

An agency executive and a high flyer from SAP, are they going to sell us their soup? Well if digital has worked a miracle, it is there: no. And the pitfall was brilliantly avoided. On the one hand by interviews, generally very interesting, and, on the other hand, by a remarkable analysis of the functioning of social networks (end of the book). An analysis all the more surprising that we learn things even if we practice these networks. And even how to link your social network to your CRM.” Networker: Master of the Universe What do I take away from all this? Social networks are just another sales channel.

It’s a return to the fundamentals of sales

Improvement, but no revolution. Next, by far the most useful network is LinkedIn. It is, this time, a revolution. It’s a Senegal Phone Number List return to the fundamentals of sales: sales as the construction of a relational network built on trust. Business using social media Because LinkedIn is not a question of fashion. It is a matter of self-interest. Indeed, it is above all an HR network. There are therefore detailed files on men and companies. We can therefore not only identify potential customers, but also understand.

To move forward step by step

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what motivates them. Do you know of another equally rich source of information? From there it is possible to establish a IG Users personal contact. If there is automation, it is in the search, and, as little as possible, in the contact: spam is ineffective. But, above all, the network logic forces us to move forward step by step. To go from relationship of trust to relationship of trust. Patience pays. (And, network logic also dictates that like attracts like…) No Big Data or other Artificial Intelligence here. As the testimonials prove, the social network smiles at commercial talent. There are probably big productivity gains to be made for the best salespeople.

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