How he measured and integrated telephone conversions

Digital influencer Arnaud Le Roux: PPC, podcaster of the Bonjour PPC program to listen to every morning at 7:35 a.m. on digital transformation. He is also IMF20’s Master of Ceremony. Julien Wouters, President and co-founder of Rewind , the new geolocated podcast application in Paris. Try the audio podcast Switch to segmented TV If you invest in TV, plan to attend the masterclass on segmented TV ! Two specialists in this media, Olivier Bonin, Founder and Associate Director of GoodBuy media and Frédéric Degouy, Marketing and Revenue Management Director.

To make the most of this media

At Next Media Solutions will give you all the information you need to take advantage of this new way of marketing advertising. Innovate with DOOH media Want to hit moving targets? Take an interest Austria Phone Number List in DOOH (for Digital Out Of Home) media. This digital outdoor advertising system offers customizable content and data processed in real time. Clément Lion, Digital OOH Sales Director at JCDecaux, will give you all the advice you need to make the most of this media. Stock up on useful tools and tips for your team Always with the idea of ​​optimizing your marketing strategy, you will be able to exchange with your peers on their feedback. You will collect as much practical information .

If you have incoming leads by phone

Phone Number List

These tools are those who use them. Here is a small selection of feedback .That you can attend Measure telephone conversions with call-tracking .We often think of on-line KPIs. But we rarely measure off-line. So IG Users if you have incoming leads by phone, think about call-tracking. David Liger, Digital Marketing Manager at Peterson. Will explain how he measured and integrated telephone. Conversions into his online customer journey. Call tracking to integrate conversations into. The online journey Gain efficiency to animate your communities. In social media, Flavien Chantrel, Social Media and .Web Content Manager at. Hellowork will present 3 essential tools for interacting with online communities .

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