The CRO allows, among other things, to evaluate the effectiveness of its website and its landing pages then to modify certain functionalities in order to test them with Internet users to finally decide on the most efficient variants in terms of rate . conversion . The CRO Loop The CRO loop (Conversion Rate Optimization) Why use it? Objective The CRO allows you to: Become aware of the importance of conversion ; Measure its conversion rates at a time T; Optimize conversion rates using a scientific approach; Constantly test new methods to convert even more.

A person in charge of analyzing and optimizing

Context Content production is essential .To develop an audience on digital channels. But it requires significant effort, time and financial resources. If the company is unable to convert part of its Armenia Email List audience into leads, the ROI of its marketing actions will not be there. This is the reason why more and more companies have decided to apply CRO methods and sometimes even to recruit a person in charge of analyzing and optimizing conversion rates (a growth hacker for example). This year during our Inbound Marketing France event , many speakers will address the challenges of optimizing conversion rates.

The key performance indicator to follow

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Steps There are several steps to optimize conversion rates: Goal Setting : What actions do we want our visitors to take? If it is, for example, to download a white paper, the objectives will be valued IG Users in number of downloads over a given period. Choice of optimizations to undertake : Depending on the nature of the desired actions. The techniques used (pop-ups or ctas, for example). As well as the work carried out on the ux (triggering of pop-ups. Or ctas on a web page data) can have a crucial impact on conversion performance. Launch of tests .A/b testing allows you to test several variants of a cta to retain. Only the version that performs best. Measurement of results and optimization : CRO is inseparable from data. During the conversion stage, the conversion rate number of visitors / number of leads will be the key performance indicator to follow. Finally, almost permanent optimization makes it possible to achieve ever more efficient conversion rates.