For example. Can help find the oddities. You can also hang out in niche groups on facebook to see what people like and want. 6: track trends follow trends in your niche to stay in touch with what people interest in that niche are looking for. Google trends is the perfect tool for this. Allowing you to follow trends as early as 2004. A search for “hair tools.” for example. Shows that people search for hair tools and relat items relatively consistently. With several spikes each year.


Where do you see this going?

 Google also shows that people search for relat terms like “hot dryer email List brush tools” and “hair extension tools.” which gives you some ideas of products that could become a hit. 7: consider future growth tips for researching products to sell: consider future growth when you start selling. Don’t forget to think about what the next few months or years mean for your business. Where do you see this going? What is the ultimate goal for your business? You might start with one or two products. But you have a goal of expanding to more than 20 products. use multiple sources researching products from a variety of places gives you a complete picture of how a product might perform.


Keep it very simple simplicity makes

Texture with hints of purple – a color associat with luxury – could Hong Kong Lead further increase its appeal to a high-end audience. 3. 3. Keep it very simple simplicity makes the site cleaner. Easier to use and encourages people to buy. The less you add to your website. In most cases. The better for your audience. They won’t be distract by ads. Slow or slow pages. And hundrs of links to click to find what they’re looking for. Another advantage of a simple design is that it gives your audience fewer choices.