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It is also important for us that Internet users subscribe to our account because they like our content and not simply to win prizes,This is where all your art will unfold! It will be a question of distributing and scripting content adapted to the problems and centers of interest of your personas in real time. Do not hesitate to present us your marketing recipe, as well as your marketing blog. 2- The choice of your inbound strategy and its deployment Managing these three fundamentals will obviously contribute to the success of your entire inbound strategy later on, and this is what our jury will focus on.

To develop the points that you have put in place

They are the ones who will guide your entire strategy! To have a better view of your operation and how you were able to successfully implement an inbound marketing strategy, we will ask you to develop Bulgaria Phone Number List the points that you have put in place: Editorial planning and publication frequency Content promotion, including your social media promotion strategy Adaptation of content to the customer journey Integration into a long-term marketing and business strategy Results in terms of lead or prospect acquisition What makes your strategy a success., how you were able to apply the lessons of this knowledge to your other marketing actions.

To tell us your positioning in relation to your competitors

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Inbound applied to your business . The way you managed to apply inbound to the specifics of your business! Inbound marketing is a strong competitive advantage: we will therefore ask you to tell us your IG Users positioning in relation to your competitors. Also explain to us the application you have made within your business ecosystem: your databases, the choice of your tools, and the way in which they are connected. 4- Lessons learned from this strategy What will interest our jury will also be to discover the lessons you were able to learn from the implementation of this inbound marketing strategy. Because, we know, it’s a change that may seem radical, but brings so much at all levels.

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