What is the level of competition and the variations to be preferred? IT projects are often structuring for the activity of end customers. Buyer Personas DSI, CEO, Business Department, etc. are therefore mostly high-level and/or with strong business or technical expertise. The content offered, both attraction blog articles, etc. and conversion white papers, videos, expert opinions, guides, etc. must provide real added value and get to the heart of the topics covered. They cannot content themselves with providing information.

This will bring him concretely and the value

That the Buyer Personas already know 5 very detailed. Blog articles in terms of content and form will always have a higher ROI. Than 20 articles sub-contracted on the fly. Moreover, between the Uganda Phone Number List attraction and conversion stage, it is then essential to convince your interlocutor: he has little time, he is over-solicited and must immediately understand what this will bring him concretely and the value he can derive from it for example to put himself forward internally or help him on an ongoing project. The formats must therefore be adapted accordingly.

That can last several months or even

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Clarification of a specific IT trend, list of points of attention for such software, model specifications, methodological guide, etc. Sales cycles are long and complex . If generating leads is a key step, contacts IG Users must be supported during a cycle that can last several months or even several years and go through many phases from simple interest, to RFI, RFP, defense and demo, etc. All of these steps must be experienced seamlessly by prospects even as their needs change. In addition, adopting an ABM Account Based Marketing approach on major projects in addition to Inbound Marketing to strengthen notoriety and support the sales team often gives very good results in addition to strengthening the marketing/commerce link.