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They will then arrive at the decision phase more quickly and you will not have taken the risk of exposing an insufficiently qualified lead to a sales pitch too soon. Why set it up? Nurture prospects through to purchase First of all, lead nurturing allows you to sustain the commitment that has been created between you and a lead. A prospect visits your site and finds the answer to one of the questions he was asking. Perhaps he will not have the reflex to come back to your site next time. This is where lead nurturing comes in: by sending a personalized email to your contact to offer them content related to their previous actions on the site.

Then send them content adapted to their level

You remind them that you can meet their needs. It will then come back to your site again. Perhaps even in the long term, reading your blog will become a reflex. However, to offer personalized Honduras Phone Number List content to each lead, you must have a detailed knowledge of your contacts. Lead nurturing also goes in this direction. The more a prospect consults and downloads content on your blog, the more you have a fine vision of his needs. You can then send them content adapted to their level of maturity and their interests, via marketing automation. Finally, thanks to this detailed knowledge of your prospects, you provide important information to your sales teams and thus facilitate their work of qualifying contacts .

These needs perfectly to address relevant content

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Where to start  Define your objectives: do you want to “wake up” a lead who shows few signs of engagement? Are you looking to further qualify your leads? Your performance indicators for your IG Users campaign will be different depending on the defined objective. Stay focused on your personas: each persona has its own issues that require different answers. You must know these needs perfectly to address relevant content. Create scenarios: have you determined your objectives, personas and content adapted to each of them? You can now build scenarios. A lead downloaded my whitepaper.

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