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As will how we  It could be nam something like the Growth Award or the Most Improv Sales Award. This helps motivate those members of the sales team who don’t always bring the best results. What we like: We love this award because it recognizes members of your team who are committ to increasing sales even if they may not be your top performers. These reps are just as important as your consistently high sales. Leadership Award The Leadership Award will be present to your best sales manager. Those who have the highest performing teams or help develop the best teams.

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Your reps can even vote on this. What we like: This award is Malaysia phone numbers a great idea to implement because it recognizes your managers and reps. It helps motivate your sales managers to grow their teams and help them achieve peak performance. Achievement Awards Achievement awards can be goal or career bas such as lifetime achievement awards. Goal-bas rewards are like reaching all salespeople or something like that. The Lifetime Achievement Award is present to the lifetime sales representative who contributes the greatest overall revenue to the company.

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What we like: We love this award because it recognizes IG Users  those who are setting and achieving goals and those who have been part of your team for a long time. Best Closer Award If you work in sales you know that closing sales is the most important thing in your job. The Best Close Award will recognize the sales representative with the highest close rate. What we like: We love this award because it recognizes the rep who closes the most sales. This may not be your top performer but someone who knows what sales to pursue and how to sell to those clients effectively. Outstanding Selling Award This award will be given to the person on your team who uses innovative sales strategies and maintains the best relationships with prospects and existing customers.

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