How and why to initiate inbound marketing in your company? The need to have to define its positioning is key because it allows you to distinguish yourself from your competitors by suggesting the added value of your offer. From this positioning will result: Perfect knowledge of your targets . Here, Michel Brébion insists on the need to get out of the pattern that we have known too much in the past and from self-centered discourse or its offer ” my product is the most beautiful, the strongest, my company has been in existence for 65 years.

The challenge is to offer your targets

All embellished with the owner’s photo . By working on your personas and not your UAE Phone Number List offer, you will wonder about their problems and “what keeps them awake at night” . Now that you know their issues, you can focus on the core of your editorial and content marketing strategy. The challenge is to offer your targets answers to their problems, focus on them and remove their brakes. This approach will be a guarantee of seduction. In this sense, Gabriel Szapiro likes to speak of a pyramid of desires.

To start from knowing your personas

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Although writing remains an essential medium and an essential basis, our 3 experts are unanimous as to the fact of varying the mediums . Of course, you have IG Users to start from knowing your personas: how do the targets get information? what media do they favor? what are the social networks they use for their monitoring? Stéphane Truphème also reminds us that we must adopt a “ Test and Learn ” strategy and readjust the content and formats according to the results observed. For Michel Brébion, support is an opportunity to convert. The same content can be (re)offered in different formats.